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Introducing the all new Kylis that embodies an illustrious look and outstanding quality in one. The elegant cut and a gleaming finish makes Kylis stand above the ordinary. Taking a lead with its exquisite design and chrome finish, Kylis compels you to take a second look that leaves a lingering impression.

Kylis redefines your bathing space with its unique blend of design and everlasting quality.

So go ahead, make a style statement with Kylis.
Guaranteed* 100% leak-free operation.
Acid resistant, stain-free international glaze for everlasting shine.
Best in world anti-splash aerator German engineering.
Best in world cartridge Spanish technology.
Best quality Virgin Brass ingots certified for 63% copper to ensure flawless casting.

Our Range of Faucets

Inspired by finest of styles and convenience, Kylis is here to make a stark entry and steal the show. The sharp and gripping features give Kylis an edge over other contemporary designs. The lustrous shine and elegant cut together with everlasting quality of Kylis offer optimum convenience without compromising on style and value. With a very enticing feel and extremely stylish looks, Kylis defies the odds and ticks every box to fit in the day-to-day a la mode lifestyle.

Wall Mounted Closet

Kylis, with a combination of style and geometric design fits perfectly into your personal space allowing ample flexibility and movement in terms of space. Minimalistic in approach, they elegantly compliment the environment they are placed in and create a perfect harmony.

Our Range of basins

Witness a swift dash of style, flood through your personal space with Kylis. With modern designs and minimalistic dimensions, Kylis brings to you an exciting range of extraordinary wash basins. So get ready to pamper yourself and turn your daily chore into an out of the world experience. It's time to feel special.
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