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Rimless Faucets

100% Rimless 100% Clean.
The Rimless technology ensures quintessential hygiene with effective flushing that offers an efficient solution ensuring that the entire inner surface is rinsed throughout the flushing process.

Flora Faucets

A Perfect Expression Of Clean Fluid Lines. The Flora water closet is inspired by the fluid and organic designs of nature. Representing an affinity for cleanliness this transitional design with clean fluid lines has been crafted with soft corners for quick and easy cleaning.

Classik Coupled Closet

Classik Coupled Closet
With the distinctive and everlasting impression of elegance, Classik indicates a nostalgia with a hint of suave and posh.

Fluid Faucets

Bold Looks with a Strong Built.
Enhanced by the innovative 3C technology, the Fluid range of faucets is the pinnacle of precision engineering with an exquisite finish that leaves you awestruck.

Classik Coupled Closet

Immacula One Piece EWC
With the distinctive and everlasting impression of elegance, Immacula indicates a nostalgia with a hint of suave and posh.

Introducing The All New Kylis.
This range embodies an
illustrious look and
outstanding quality with
elegant cuts and a gleaming
finish that take it a notch
above the rest.

Classik Coupled Closet

Elegance is ecstasy
In mesmerising shades of purity, moulded in modern smart design, Hindware Engima is crafted to effortless perfection. Blending the concept of beauty and practicality, this water closet mixes minimal stylish design with sensible asthetics.

Seamslessly elegant
Completely concealed, clean, sleek and seamless wall mounted closet, designed for hygiene and meant for futuristic bathrooms

Classik Coupled Closet

Built to care
Fashioned to become the center of attraction, it also prevents leakage with the Sedal Cartridge Technology

A piece of modern craft
Round and square shapes artisitically merged to bring out a compelling and captivating result with super easy operation.