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    A state of bliss, where you are as free as ocean waves. Who wouldn't love to sail through a sea of uninterrupted joy and waves of pure delight? A place, your bathroom, where you can be yourself, not bounded by inhibitions. Time to take the deepest plunge in this sea of rejuvenation.


    For those who admire nature and believe in preserving it, here is a place which exemplifies your thoughts. Equipped with water saving products, it not just nurtures environment but your spirits as well.


    A celebration of nomadic style, infused with Mediterranean senses. A grand space complimented by Kilims and decorative wall lamps to soothe your senses. Let the good vibes take over.


    The love for light - You'll not nd a better expression than this bathroom for it. When textured glass blocks and yellow sheer curtains seamlessly embrace the light from outside, the reflection is nothing but a golden sunshine.


    Boundaries bind your thoughts. Now is the time to set them free. A bathroom space, with a wall of glass overlooking the sky, lets your thoughts soar high. Make your story come out, be told, and be remembered. Make it an unbound tale.


    Go on a voyage where you re-energize and re-connect with yourself. Step within these comely white walls, adorned by beautiful plants, and let this ambiance be your driver for the transcendent journey.


    Some mysteries are not to be solved. They are only to be indulged in. Here's one such. Engaging purple and elegant silver merged together, and this comforting enigma emerged.


    Each imperfection added is more depth added to your core. Escape into one such perfect bathroom with imperfect lines, prints, and strength of marble, to soak in and exude strength and confidence.


    Like a good thought follows a good thought, like happiness blends with more happiness, like a golden painting on a white canvas, like grandeur at its maximum, like a dream. Like this place.


    Everything here is chosen to merge with everything and become one purest form of luxury. It's your door to the royal world, where you will experience the grandeur to its maximum.


    Take yourself beyond the usual and the current. An innovative and pleasurable place in the present that makes you feel like you are in the future.


    Luxury is not about the size, but the stature. Discover a bathroom to unwind. Where everything, major or minor, is at a baby steps distance, and is well placed. And you know it's grace, when life is precisely suffice.


    Time to give your colorful life, more colors. Let these splendid shades fill you with an invigorating experience, every time you come in contact with them.


    The moment you step into this marvel, all your cares and stresses step out. Luxuriate in this bathroom with the mosaic of blue, to embrace rejuvenation and relaxation.


    Rather a space, here you get a statement crafted in a paradox. In a chaotic world, it stands still with its tranquil light and vibe. Let its muted lighting and softened visual edges cast a spell of euphoria on you.


    'Art is freedom', is portrayed right by this bathroom. An unconventional mixing of wooden textures and brickwork gave an absolutely enthralling result for you, to take an inspiration from.

  • classic spirit Panche is Suave Kylis

    Teleport yourself to an era of timeless beauty and class. Every moment there, you'll wish to sustain, so as to cherish it, and to indulge in it. Here's a bathroom space, where you can liberate in elegance. Set your presence a class apart.


    Give your kids exactly what they should receive - a playful yet healthy, vibrant yet balanced and pampered yet advanced environment. Something of the kind of this bathroom.


    What moves us are our passions. Why not a passion to rejuvenate us too? A frame in a celluloid of life, your bathroom, where you find everything right and nothing wrong. You get the freedom to say CUT, and be on your own. What a way to reflect the cinema-lover in you!


    Drench your creative soul in splendid colors, in a corner that comforts you. Embrace your quirks and quaint, and let this space bring out the gypsy in you.


    They say it's not, but life is nothing but a fairytale. You just have to find the place where it is, like this bathroom. A place which will pamper you to let you be who you are - someone tender-hearted, cute and playful. Make this yours and keep your poise.

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