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Bathroom Glory!

The design of your bathroom indicates its overall mood and energy. Tiled walls and shower curtains give it a clean look, while certain colours and accents can make your bathroom look more inviting. We bring to you some easy to steal decorating tricks for transforming those dreary spaces into your dream spaces.

1. Statement Piece - Interesting and unique pieces of furniture can add a lot of personality and edge to your bathroom. It could be a swanky bath tub, an antique looking cabinet, a fireplace or a gorgeous mirror.

2. Wallpaper Wonder - A really bright and cheerful wallpaper, even on one wall, can bring in the much needed wow factor to the bathroom, especially when paired with a modern style mirror and wash basin.

3.Natural Beauty - If you’re a nature person, one great way to upgrade your bathroom is by covering the floor with wood inspired flooring and accessories.

4. Tile Flair - Tiles play an important role in setting the tone of your bathroom. Whether you want to go for fun and quirky, or elegant and sophisticated, the tile pattern you decide brings the required flair to the space.

5. Flower Power - Flowers and plants in interiors are associated with harmony and liveliness. Add strategically placed flowers to your bathroom and brighten the mood.

6. Flowing Elegance - Flowing curtains in monochromes create a very chic look to your bathrooms.

7. Dynamic Duo - Create a more fashionable, not to mention functional, space for your dear bathroom by placing the wash basins side by side. It works best if the bathroom is shared.

8. Subtle Shades - If you are someone who likes to relax in bathroom after a long day at work, you might want to consider installing decorative lamps with shades to soften the lighting and overall mood of your bathroom.

9. Simple Serenity - A calming colour on the walls, such as Rich Blue or Sea Green, gives the bathroom a sense of tranquility, making it perfect to relax and unwind.

10. Bathroom Art - Living room. Yes. Bedroom. Of course. But when it comes to bathrooms, people are afraid to show their artsy side. Hanging artwork in your bathroom might not be practical, but it’s unconventional. And if you clean them and switch them out fairly often, it’s totally worth it.

Finally, last but not the least, if you are decorating a kid’s bathroom, paint the insides of the cabinet holes in different bright colours.

These were some of the easy to do bathroom décor ideas, try what works best for your spaces and personality and make your bathrooms a place you can enjoy being in.

Via Hindware
Mar 03 2014
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