A Journey to the source

Go deep into the earth with Dark Quarry. Inspired by the rugged rawness in nature this space is crafted to be your lair. This seemingly other worldly landscape envelopes you, provoking you to brace the untamed and challenge the status quo.

  • Multiple Cleaning Functions
  • Dryer
  • Slow Falling Seat Cover
  • Seat Heating
  • Nozzle Self Clean
E-Clenz Wall Mounted Closet
  • Slow Falling Seat Cover that falls like a feather -…
  • Seat Heating - Adjust temperature as per your need and…
  • Cleaning Functions - Hip Cleaning, Feminine Cleaning, Movable Cleaning.
Amazon Over Counter Basin
  • Streamlined features and soft, harmonious lines, together with functionality, ensure…
  • Infra Red Sensor
  • Low Contact
  • World Class Tech
  • Longer Life Cycle
  • Save Water
Sensor Wall Mounted Spout IMMACULA (AC & DC)
  • Infra red sensor
  • Low contact maintains hygiene
  • World class technology used in products
Body Shower 120 mm Dia Round Shape (Brass)


Accessories Combo Set

Contessa Soap Dish (Brass)

Contessa Paper Holder With Cover