Like a good thought follows a good thought, like happiness blends with more happiness, like a golden painting on a white canvas, like grandeur at its maximum, like a dream. Like this place.

Automate Wall Mounted Closet
  • Technology so smart that caters to all your bathroom whims!…
Tall Body Sensor Tap IMMACULA (AC & DC)
Polo Dark Grey HS WT 1.5 m Hose Pipe & Hook
  • Focus is on Ergonomic comfort and Aesthetic indulgence.
  • Simple and Elegant design.
  • 4 colors combo to match washroom theme.
5 Way Thermostat Divertor
  • 5 Outlet Thermostatic Divertor
  • Thermostatic Cartridge
  • 19 mm Outlet Brass Cartridges
Body Shower 120 mm Dia Square Shape (Brass)
Viva Over Counter Basin


Rubbic Paper Holder Without Cover

Rubbic Towel Bar

Rubbic Towel Ring

Rubbic Soap Dish (Brass)

Rubbic Soap Holder