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Best Bathroom Themes, Bathroom Design Ideas 2020

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Current Trends In Bathroom Themes You Need To Know

One of the most exciting parts of the house to renovate or re-arrange is the bathroom. Having a nice bathroom will not just add elegance to your home’s overall appearance but its value as well. Investing in such projects can help you a lot in making your home interiors pretty and the living experience, highly comfortable for every member of the family. When decorating a home, you may want to speak with a professional designer to ensure that all corners of your bathroom will be turned to its best, functional condition and highest possible appeal. There are many themes you can consider using, and it is all up to your needs and personal preference to decide which of them is the most valuable to consider. The themes to consider are endless and to name some of the most popular, read below: Black and white theme If you are looking for a timeless theme, black and white will never disappoint you. These timeless hues will ensure that your bathroom will never go out of the trend. A white, free standing bath tub paired with black and white patterned floor and wall tiles will give you a theme that is sure to […]

Via Hindware

From Sanjay Kalra’s Desk: Get inspired by Alchymi’s designer bathroom suites

Two decades ago, a bathroom was an afterthought – tucked away in the corners of the house, it was a space that had no distinction. Today, these intimate spaces have undergone a drastic upgrade.

Via Hindware

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Accessories

The right bathroom accessories can easily add to the charm and excitement of a bathroom. These accessories include everything from the functional soap dish to exuberant bath tubs or Jacuzzis.