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Sanitaryware Maintenance Tips

There is nothing better than entering a bathroom that is clean and tidy. Of course, it takes effort to make it possible, but considering the benefits you get from it, there is no reason why you should not make this a habit. Some of the benefits of well-maintained sanitaryware are: Bathroom is one of the most favorite habitat of germs and if it is not properly cleaned and maintained, expect sanitary and health issues to arise. By proper maintenance, you can avoid foul odor of the bathroom. A clean bathroom is always pleasing to the eyes. This article will discuss the areas where germs may hide and basic cleaning processes you can consider.   Areas where germs could be hiding Be careful of these areas when cleaning your sanitaryware: Inside of the rim Fixing areas of the seat cover Gap between water closet and cistern, for coupled closet Under the toilet’s trap way Inner side of the toilet’s seat cover Back area and bottom area of the toilet bowl    Cleaning Process To Follow The guidelines below can help you in maintaining your bathroom properly.  For Sanitaryware Made Of Ceramic Here are the guidelines to follow when cleaning sanitaryware made […]

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The Ultimate Toilet Cistern Buying Guide

Toilet is one of the most important parts of the bathroom, hence it is only necessary that you choose wisely when upgrading, replacing or buying one. It may not be the most expensive but it is definitely the most used bathroom fixture. Hence, it is important that you take your time to buy it. With so many toilets, Cisterns and flushes available to choose from, buying the best one could be very challenging. This article will help people in finding success as they go through their toilet shopping. Tips in Buying Toilets Below are some of the things you need to know about toilets: Two piece toilet This type of toilet has two pieces, one seat and one tank. Two piece toilet is the most common type of toilet available in the market today. They are cheaper hence it is a popular choice for people who have a low budget. It is also easier to install because the two pieces can be handled separately. One of the drawbacks of this type of toilet is hygiene. Since there is a seam between the seat and the tank, dust and dirt may accumulate in between. Although it is not as visible, those […]

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How Do You Stand To Benefit From Using A Concealed Cistern?

How well are you familiar with concealed cisterns? Well, these are hidden cisterns or rather concealed which means that they are not within the vicinity of the toilet. They are installed behind a wall or inside a wall cabinet, to a point that only the flushing button is visible or accessible. Come to think of it, a concealed Flush Tank does come with its perks which make it an ideal option for most home owners. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it goes a long way in saving space especially in bathrooms that don’t have much of space to offer. For these and many other reasons that are highlighted in this guide, concealed water cisterns remain to be a choice or option to reckon with for any home or commercial property owner. However, it doesn’t entirely mean that Concealed Cisterns don’t come with their own fair share of downsides, because they do. On the installation part, the costs can be a bit high compared to that of installing exposed cisterns. The Cistern Price may also be more. Now, read on to find why amid the named concealed cistern downsides, you still need concealed sanitaryware cisterns.   What Are The […]

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Benefits of Concealed Cistern

One of the most important parts of any home is the bathroom, hence it is only necessary that you consider all possible ways to make it not just comfortable but highly functional, attractive and spacious. In this current day and age, investing in high technology fixtures like concealed cistern is a better choice. Concealed cistern is where the toilet flush or actuator and toilet pan are the only parts visible, while the rest are concealed either behind the walls or in a cabinet.   Benefits of Concealed Cistern Some may not consider this option just yet, maybe because they are not aware of the benefits of a concealed cistern. This article will help you understand why you should switch to this option in case you are still using the traditional toilet bowls: It gives bathroom extra space Since the cistern is concealed behind the wall, it obviously uses zero space. Hence, the space saved can be used for other fixtures necessary for the bathroom, more so if you choose the wall hung toilet, as the space below it can give your bathroom an illusion of bigger space and added floor area. High technology and durability Such bathroom fixtures use state […]