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10 Helpful Tips for doing Custom Bathrooms

We spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, it becomes natural to dream about sleek vanity units, unique bathtubs and grand toilet designs. Bathrooms today have a dual function to play. Besides being served as a room for utility and functionality, special focus is nowadays on aesthetics and look of the bathroom so that you enjoy your time for relaxation. When you choose to customize bathroom according to your choice, space and budget, it becomes a reflection of your style, execution of your taste and a part of your personality. Custom bathrooms give you a feeling of serenity and bliss. To make you experience the joy of custom bathrooms, we’ve coined a few helpful tips that will help you renovate your bathroom within your budget and without the aid of professionals. A Sky Mural creates openness What could be more infinite than the sky? Small space with high ceiling can be played up by painting a sky to create openness, light and drawing all the attention up. Clear Shower Enclosures Eliminate the use of partitions or partition wall to enclose your shower area. Clear glass works best as the partition without creating a hindrance in your vision. It […]

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Sensor Faucets to maintain Hygiene at your Home

Bathrooms are the rooms of the house that demands most hygiene and time to time sanitization to keep them germ-free. Studies show that faucets or taps are the most contaminated and germ-affected areas of the bathroom second to the toilet bowl. It is because they are used numerous times by several people in a day at homes and even in public bathrooms. Here is when the need of contactless technology in the bathrooms have arouse. It is paramount to maintain hygiene in the bathrooms during pandemic. Since the spread of pandemic, the demand of contactless technology in the bathrooms have risen by manifolds. The use of sensor facets in the bathrooms is gaining importance as it decreases the time and efforts of cleaning, it is more hygienic and water-saving. Though these are not the only reasons why people turn to sensor faucets and buy bathroom faucets online, they have advantages much more than these: Hygiene and sanitation Traditional taps need to be touched every time you need to turn on the water. This is usually done after using the washroom when your hands are the dirtiest. This definitely renders the taps full of germs and bacteria. These germs stay on […]

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Important Considerations When Choosing a Toilet OR Water Closet

There is no doubt that a toilet plays a very significant role in all kinds of buildings, be it residential or commercial. However not many home or commercial settings owners think much about bathroom commode or toilets and will settle for the ordinary. There is more that can be accomplished when it comes to toilets and this means that a bit of attention should be paid when purchasing them. Getting a Toilet bowl of your choice is not the easiest of things because for starters, they come in different colors, design, price, functionality etc. You should therefore be in a position to figure out what exactly you want in a commode seat. You should give the entire purchase a thought because the bathroom or toilet is an important room like any other and you should mind about its outward appearance. So, what are some of the things that you should consider when purchasing a toilet seat or water closet in order to make the best choice. Factors To Consider When Buying a Water Closet Here are a number of things that should help you choose the perfect Hindware bathroom toilet in the market: The color. This may sound or appear […]

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Hindware Kylis Faucet

Whether thinking about remodeling your bathroom or shopping finishes for your new bathroom, faucets are a big deal. Your bath faucet helps define your bathroom’s style and accessorize your space.

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Feng Shui for Bathrooms

The advancement of technology has brought about many changes in the modern lifestyle. And with it, the desire for something better grows on. Earlier what was considered a necessity is now a statement of luxury and class.

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Useful Bathroom Hacks

Are you looking for ways to enhance your bathroom experience? Revamping and making changes in your bathroom can consume your time and energy and above all cost you a lot of money. For this reason, we’ve all have been refraining from making little changes in our bathrooms until now.