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Established in 1960, Hindware introduced Vitreous China Sanitaryware to the Indian Consumer, the first indicator of our determination to be at the forefront of innovation in what was then an extremely nascent market.

For over 5 decades Hindware has been recognized has a brand driven by innovation with sharp focus on crafting unforgettable bathing experiences. And in all these years we have been evolving just like our consumers. We recognize that to the consumer today form matters as much, if not more than function. That a bathroom is a haven, a personal space to commune with oneself. It is a reflection of one's personality and taste. And our evolution has kept us at the edge of innovation in this all important space. Our decades of knowhow have led to unique products like Rimless WCs, Rain Spa Showers, Water Saving Products and Kids Series. We constantly strive to marry technology and aesthetics in our Expert Design Studio while providing for every query with our Expert Helpline and App. So today, when you think of building your dream bathroom, start with the expert.

Evolution of bathrooms:


The bathroom has come a long way. Once a humble room devised for functionality, it has experienced a renaissance over the last few years. New age bathrooms are a reflection of one's persona driven by today's innovations in design and technology.

This change in the bathroom's utility has also changed the aesthetics of the space. The bathroom has come to represent personality as much as function. Technology has also found a firm footing with the introduction of products like Ambient Rain Spas and Intelligent Toilets. Today's bathroom is as much about sensorial delight as it is about function.

This is where we at Hindware have unique expertise to offer solutions that marry technology with aesthetics to create spaces that are truly divine and a true reflection of you.

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