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All you need to know about buying the right faucet

Faucets are one of the important elements that complement any bathroom theme no matter whether you have a simple functional bathroom or you have invested in a luxury spa-like premium suite bathroom. Bathroom faucets come in different styles and eco-friendly options that help to save water and has enhanced the overall experience by providing the customers with an efficient anti-dripping and anti-splashing smooth water flow technology.

Reasons to choose the right type of faucet

Buying a new bathroom tap is not going to be an easy task. There are plenty of shapes, sizes and designs out there. Faucets also differ according to the use, purpose and installation area. This is why you need to be careful when you go shopping. You can't buy a centre set faucet if you are looking for a luxurious option. Also choosing the right faucet is important for the harmony of your bathroom. It is also essential for the high functionality of your plumbing system. Sometimes a modern bathroom tap won't work on old plumbing options. You can't buy a faucet that will not match the number of holes in your sink or buy a faucet that works for showers and try to install it in a water closet area. Going for the wrong type of faucet will not only cost you money, but it might also force you to make additional modifications in your bathroom.

Let's see the collection of faucets from Hindware.

Basin Mixer Single Lever Faucet

This adds a beautiful design element to your bathroom fitting which comes in many models such as cornice, avior, armada, cora, essence, neo, etc.

  • They are made up of stainless steel material.
  • It comes in a metallic silver finish.
  • Most of them offer a minimum warranty period of 5 years.
  • These faucets come in an affordable range of products with price starting at INR 1,500 and differ with each model.

Concealed Stopcock

This is the traditional tap model that has been in use for decades. This conventional model is the cheapest among other faucets types.

  • The price starts at INR 910 for 15 mm size and INR 1,000 for 20 mm size.
  • These faucets come in a concealed model.
  • The spindle size is a 3/4th inch in size.
  • It is applicable in a one stopcock model.
  • Lightweight model - 514 gms.
  • It has a chrome plating for everlasting shine.
  • It gives 12 years warranty period.

Pillar Cock

This is one of the popular models in the faucet range.

  • It has a six-inch height from the basin.
  • Automatic dust-free electroplating line.
  • Splash-free and smooth flow of water.
  • Sleek and ergonomic design.


The angular stopcock model comes with a wall flange that facilitates the water to flow to other water outlets easily through a single point control system.

  • It has 100% brass casting that gives an ever-lasting shine and flawless finish.
  • The robotic electroplating gives it an everlasting super shiny finish.
  • It comes generally with a spindle size of BSP half an inch.
  • As this is an angular stopcock model, it works with all basin mixers.

Bib Cock

The bib cock models are generally used for washing machine tap purposes. But they can also be seen in many dishwasher machines' water outlet taps in the kitchen.

  • "The Classik" collection from Hindware gives a bold look with a touch of contemporary design and sturdy material.
  • The aerator model used in this bib cock is a black beauty model.
  • By controlled water flow technology, these bib cock prevents unnecessary splashes.

Single Lever Basin Mixer

Hindware presents to you a perfect blend of modern technology with state-of-the-art design in their single lever sink mixer collections.

  • The black beauty aerator style in single lever model ensures not only the perfect water flow but also high-water pressure.
  • The single lever has reduced the installation time to a great extent as it can be easily wall mounted in no time.
  • The chrome plating makes it rust and corrosion free and gives it a lustrous finish.
  • The excellent quality brass material with a specific amount of copper and chrome finishing perfectly combines to give a mirror-like reflective body.

Important features of decent bathroom faucets

Taps that come from a trustworthy brand have certain features and specifications. These specs represent the quality, durability and performance of a tap or a faucet. Here are some of the most essential features to look for in a faucet:

• Warranty period

A warranty is a guaranteed way to protect your product after a purchase. Warranty period represents the faith of a manufacturer in the quality of their product. This also applies in the world of taps. So, the bigger is the better. You should go for a brand that offers a valid warranty for many years. A 12-year warranty is very satisfying and lucrative. It is also the longest warrant period offered in the entire local market.

• Water saving features

Appearance is not everything in an efficient water tap. You should not make your purchase decision based on the looks factor alone. You need to think about money too. A faucet with Neoperl aerator can actually help you save water. This will typically make a difference in your water bills. This feature will enhance water flow and minimise splash. It will not only enhance your water consumption but will also be good for existing water resources.

• Beautiful appearance

Performance is a highly important factor in choosing bathroom tap sets. However, you shouldn't overlook appearance. A faucet that looks good will positively affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. A faucet with chrome coating will have an everlasting shine. A shiny bath faucet will always look good in your eyes and in the eyes of your guests.

• Practicality

You should buy a faucet that has a flexible and practical nature. Let's consider the colour of a water tap. It is not good to pick a faucet with a colour that won't match the rest of your bathroom. It is always recommended to select a neutral colour that can fit any bathroom theme. You should go for ivory, chrome or white faucets. Water taps are also available in round and square designs.

Types of faucets for your bathroom needs

It is not an exaggeration to say that there are various types of taps available in the market. Water taps have different spout sizes, a number of holes and overall performance. Your bathroom needs can determine which one of the different water tap types will suit you. For example: If your bathroom is small, you will typically go for a small sink or basin. In that case, a single-hole bath faucet is a perfect option. Bigger sinks will work better with big spouts, so you can go for a wall mount faucet. If you are a fan of classic taps, you should not be confused at all, centre-set faucets are ready for you. These are available in contemporary designs and modern levers. Today's market is ready to fulfil all your needs. You just need to know what works the best for your bathroom.

What do you need to keep in mind before buying water taps?

Shopping for a new water tap for your bathroom or kitchen can be an interesting process. It is true that things might be tricky and challenging, but the final outcome can be really great and satisfying. Here are some helpful tips for buying the right tap:

• Do some research

Looking for faucets online is always a good solution. It will give you an idea of how things are in the real market. Online you can learn about the latest designs and styles. You can also find the most reliable brands in the local market.

• High-quality finish is a must

Chrome is a preferred option for faucet finishes. It offers protection from rust and corrosion. It is also important for the durability and beautiful appearance of a tap. You should not even bother trying another finish option.

• Sometimes, it is all about the cost

Your budget limit is an important factor for a successful purchase of bath mixer taps. You should spend a decent amount of money on your new faucets to avoid poor quality faucets. However, paying too much might interrupt the rest of your remodelling plan. Online you can find out more about the average water tap price.

If you want to get satisfying results with your faucet purchase, you can take a look at It is the right place to look for bathroom taps online. The company has been in the local market for decades. They have achieved high standards in product quality. As for durability, Hindware has the biggest number for warranty years on faucets. Also, they offer a great range of faucets price, so you will always find the right faucet at this reputable store.

Bathroom Faucets and Bath Water Taps Prices in India

Bathroom Faucets and Bath Water Taps Product List Price
Element Deco Pillar Cock Rs. 1860
Element Deco Pillar Cock TALL Rs. 2690
SL BASIN MIXER W/O PW (450mm SS Hose) Rs. 4470
SL BASIN MIXER (TALL) (450mm SS Hose) Rs. 5510
Concealed Basin Mixture WM Exposed Kit Rs. 3400
Upper Parts-H.F.Divt Element (F8591) Rs. 2490
Single Lever Deusch Mixer Rs. 2790
Single Lever Exposed Part Kit Rs. 5990
Concealef Body 4 Way Single Lever Divertor Rs. 9990
Neo Pressmatic Bib Tap -Y (Mgtc.) Rs. 2300
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