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Hindware Home Solution

Providing add on service to our customers by maintaining complete bathroom and kitchen product range for plumbing assistance irrespective of their brand.

Supporting & assisting working couple or customers who do not have time but look forward to skilled service personnel to ensure their peace of mind.

Highlights of Hindware Home Solution :

  • One Year Labour agreement with customers.
  • Preventive maintenance service.
  • Breakdown calls attendance.
  • Discount on Hindware Parts replacement.

Products Covered Under Home Solution Plan :

In Bathroom:

  • Sanitary ware (e. g Wash Basin, Bath Tub, Flushing Tank)
  • Faucet (e. g. Mixer, Taps, Showers, Health Faucets)
  • High end products (e. g. Shower Panel, Shower Enclosure, Multifunction/ Massage Tub Etc.)
  • Other products such as Geysers, Connection Pipes (Drainage pipes up tp drain, Water Supply pipe lines

In Kitchen:

  • Faucets
  • Trash Masher
  • Sink
  • Geyser

Scope of Hindware Home Solution:

  • Cleaning of Internal/fittings of product.
  • Repair & maintenance
  • Replacement of fitting (cost of parts to be borne by the customer)
  • Non Concealed connection pipes.
  • Consumables e. g. silicon, m – seal, cement etc.
  • HSIL parts on 20% discount on MRP. Non HSIL parts (as per their market availability), customer to pay on actual cost basis

The following services are not included in Hindware Home Solution:

  • Any type of masonry/civil work e. g. breakage of walls/tiles etc.
  • Leakage rectification from water supply lines e. g. from over head tank to bathroom.
  • Renovation/reinstallation of products, replacement of angle valve etc.
  • Any electrical work/electronic gadgets.
  • Cleaning of ceramic, outer body of products and manholes.
  • Cleaning of overhead tanks and geysers.
  • Replacement/repair related to concealed fittings.
  • Repair / replacement of parts and/or pipes that are concealed and behind the wall.
  • Other brands where parts are not available from the manufacturer/in market.
  • Other electrical/electronic gadgets used in Bathrooms and Kitchens.

Home Classification:

  • Standard Home : 2 EWC?Cisterns, Wash Basin, Faucets, Geyser/s, Over Head Showers, Kitchen Sink, Trash Masher (excluding hoods, hobs and any other electrical/electronic gadgets)
  • Premium Home: Standard Home Products + Bath Tubs and/or Shower Panel
  • Luxury Home: Premium Home Products + Multi Functions/Massage Tub, Whirlpool/Airpool/Shower Enclosures.

Home Solution Plan:

Seq Home Type Home Solution Plan Price * (Rs.) Preventive Maintenance Services
1 Standard Home 950.00 1.00
2 Premium Home 1200.00 2.00
3 Luxury Home 1650.00 2.00