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Life at Hindware


The HSIL team consists of a group of very diverse people. We come from all parts of the country and thrive on our differences and commonalities. We are intelligent, we have passion for life and work. We are results driven and share the same vision of an open network computing world. We know how to make the work day fun, from everyday friendly banter to the occasional practical joke. We know how to make a stressful day more bearable or make a good day great! It's our people that make the Sun experience unique.


HSIL is known for its attitude. We are good and we know it. We are not afraid to share it with the world. The team members at HSIL are what bring the HSIL attitude to life. We look for people who have an attitude of self confidence, have a passion for what they do, and are driven to succeed. Here, YOU are expected to challenge ideas, take risks, work autonomously, be very resourceful, embrace team work, think outside the box and understand the essence of quality products and processes. At HSIL, YOU are in control of your career. YOU are in control of how much you bring to the table.


While we hold high expectations and require a strong level of commitment and dedication from our team, we have a deep understanding of the need for a healthy work/life balance. From flexible hours to flexible offices, it doesn't matter where or when you get your job done, just that you do it and do it well. As long as your manager supports it and your job allows it, you can adjust your hours and work remotely to accommodate your lifestyle. So whether you have a family to care for or hobbies to pursue, here you can achieve both and have a great job as well.

As you can see, one of Sun's most popular themes is to be flexible. We have such a dynamic atmosphere that continually evolves to stay ahead of the competition. This is a place where innovation, entrepreneurship, and out of the box creativity can thrive. It is a fast paced world that constantly challenges you and keeps on your toes. If you thrive in this type of atmosphere, then HSIL is the place for you!

Working at HSIL is more than just a job, it's an experience.


Employee engagement is one of the keys to successful employee motivation. Employee engagement follows trust as a factor in employee satisfaction with their supervisor and their work place. We make sure that our employees have a life beyond work. We allow them a reasonable flexibility within the scope of departmental needs to establish a balance between work and their personal lives. This may result in them working better when they are here.


As a global organization, the Group not only believes in hiring the right and best talent but nurturing it too. We welcome our new members to the organization with a commitment to enhance their learning by acquiring knowledge, sharpening skills, concepts, rules, changing of attitudes and behaviors. New hires are groomed and empowered to independently handle projects.

Competencies are continuously reviewed and training courses specially designed to keep abreast of the new technologies. Every employee undergoes an average of 40 hours of training, conducted in diverse ways, be it classroom training, workshops, seminars, outbounds etc. These not only help to increase the productivity of the associates but also help in grooming their overall personality.

Development of talent at HSIL is a key success factor in achieving our goal of sustainable growth. We are working hard to create a shared culture of entrepreneurship, measured risk taking, creativity and inspiring leadership (confidence). Such a culture will engage our talented employees and inspire them to give their best. And it means that we will be able to attract, retain and develop the best people. Our goal is to staff management positions primarily from within our own ranks. We do this by identifying employees with leadership potential and developing their skills as versatile leaders.

We provide talented employees with support to steer their career and realize their potential through challenging new assignments. We offer special learning curricula for High and Top Potentials, designed to hone their leadership skills. We also offer special development programs specifically for executives.

The effectiveness of career progression in an organization depends largely on the extent to which training and development opportunities are made available to employees, to enable them to realize their growth potential & to make contribution towards achieving organizational objectives. Training and development activities are the main mechanism through which individual goal and aspirations can be integrated with organization goals and requirements.

Work Life Balance:

As wisely put by Henry Ford:

"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

We believe that people are the basis for the lasting success of HSIL, That's why we are dedicated to the human spirit - to attracting, retaining and rewarding talented people. We give them the chance to taste success through inspiring and challenging career opportunities and to fully contribute
to a positive future for HSIL.

Finding talented people for the HSIL family is only a part of our people story. Once they're part of our organization, we aim to provide talented individuals with as inspiring an environment to work in as possible. We believe it's the responsibility of everyone in the company - from the leaders at the top of the rganization to HR managers, line managers and the individuals who make up their teams - to ensure our company is an inspiring place to work. We are working hard to create an environment where everyone can fully participate in creating business success, and where each person feels valued for his or her distinctive talents. As well as offering people an inspiring work environment, we believe it is vital to also give them opportunities to use their creativity, experience, capabilities and entrepreneurial flair.

Once a year, we also measure how engaged our employees are - and therefore whether or not HSIL provides its people with a great place to work - through our annual employee engagement survey.

Our people are therefore a crucial success factor in bringing sustainable profitable growth to HSIL.


Your hard work and contributions will always be given special attention at HSIL. Our continued growth in size and diversity, and our persistent endeavor for excellence has induced us to introduce Rewards & Recognition Policy. Excellence is ways of life in HSIL. But still there are spectacular achievements and accomplishments by individual associates and teams that merit special recognition. We have instituted various rewards that celebrate spectacular achievements by our teams and individual associates.

"Reward and Recognition" essentially implies providing incentives to & recognition of employees, individually and as members of groups, for their performance and acknowledging their contributions to the growth of the Company. There are many ways to acknowledge good performance, from a sincere "Thank You!" for a specific job well done, to granting the highest level, company-specific rewards. Recognition ensures a positive, productive and innovative organizational climate & encourages more action.

There are spectacular achievements by individual associates & project teams that merit special recognition.
This effort is in conformance to HSIL's HR Philosophy 'Motivation of personnel through Recognition and Appreciation'. Recognition programs have become a part of a healthy culture in HSIL which values colleagues for the results accomplished and the ways we effectively work together. It is our utmost desire to encourage and recognize excellent performance of colleagues as individuals and as participants in team efforts. The results have been extremely positive to all to see.

High performance culture that HSILhas created and maintained in the company has resulted in high level of employee satisfaction and productivity.