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Manufacturing Facility

At Hindware, we believe that quality is paramount in order to create value and achieve customer satisfaction. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities, integrated with highly advanced technology, are fundamental to the world class products that we've been creating all these years. Right from the procurement of raw materials to the production of actual products, there is a strict adherence to quality standards. In line with our goal to deliver superior bathing products, Hindware has established an ultra modern R&D facility, equipped with the latest technology, to ensure superior quality and improve manufacturing process.

Research, Development and Design Centre

Great designs in the best of bathrooms are produced at Hindware Design Centres.

  • These designs are first prepared on the latest CAD software.
  • Based on this, a plaster model is created.
  • Then, renowned designers test these designs.
  • The final design is taken up for commercial production.

Hindware R&D Department is the first and the only one in the Sanitaryware Industry to be recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

At Hindware R & D department, latest testing equipment is used and our constant endeavour is to enhance and improve the manufacturing processes.

The Production Process

  • All raw materials are tested.
  • The X-ray particle analyzer tests the particle size of different clays in terms of their behaviour during the production process.
  • The Temperature Gradient Furnace helps to understand the effect of different temperature zones on the colours of products.
  • And similarly, the Simultaneous Thermal Analyser helps to analyze the behaviour of clay; the body of the product; and the Glaze at different temperature zones over time.

Slip Preparation and Casting

Hindware plant is the only one in India that uses a completely automated system to process raw materials.

To start with, the Slip (which is used for casting) is prepared by crushing and blending various types of clays in a completely automated way.

Hindware also employs an environment controlled, battery casting shop to ensure that each piece meets its stringent quality norms.

In fact, Hindware was the first in India to use battery casting technology, wherein, the casted pieces are dried in an automated dryer, where water content is reduced to less than 1%.


At Hindware plant, high-voltage, electrostatic automatic glazing technology is used for its products. The Glaze is prepared using stains imported from developed countries.

This ensures that products retain their gloss and shine for years. No wonder, Hindware products are known for their beauty and sustainability.


After the glazed product is fired in the tunnel kiln, the final product is obtained.

Here again, Hindware was the first company in India to use the computer-controlled, open fired, tunnel-kiln technology.

Inspection and Testing

Finished products are thoroughly tested before they are packed. They go through different quality tests to meet Hindware stringent quality standards.