HSIL Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") guarantees to the purchaser that the products are warranted against any defect in manufacturing or faulty workmanship for the period mentioned below beginning from the date of purchase.

Warranty includes repairing of defective product/part/s and does not apply to damage resulting from abnormal use, misuse, abuse, neglect or accident. Users are advised to read carefully the user manual to understand all the norms of usage.

Product Warranty Period Inclusions Parts Not covered Defects not covered
Axial Fans 2 Years Limited
  • Electrical Motor.
  • All other parts such as switches & electronic circuitry
  • All plastic components such as body and impeller.
  • Scratch, stains, broken, improper installation done , defects due to misuse of product
  • No warranty for compatibility of the fans with other producers' goods


Fan maintenance is be performed only after the fan is disconnected from power supply network. Maintenance means periodic clearing of the surfaces from dust and dirt. Cleaning is made with a soft cloth and water-soap solution with subsequent dry wiping.


The fan is to be stored in the original manufacturer's packing box in a ventilated premise at the temperature from +5°* to +40°* and relative humidity not exceeding 80% (at +25°*).

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This warranty is confined to first purchaser of the product only.
  2. Warranty period is valid from date of purchase of the unit and can only be availed if the valid proof of purchase is shown to Authorized Service Personnel at the time of repairs. Customers are therefore required to keep original invoice and warranty card safely. Repair or replacement will be carried out by company’s service centre or it’s authorized service associates. In case of no sales receipt or any other confirmation of the sales date, warranty period is calculated from the production date. Failure to submit any the above documents may result in refuse for free servicing of faulty equipment.
  3. For all units installed beyond the municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the company service Centre/authorized service associate, the expenses incurred with regards to deputing the service personnel towards to & fro travel, conveyance and other incidental expenses etc. will be born by customer.
  4. In the event of repair/replacement of any part/s of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the un-repaired period of warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair/ replacement and in transit, whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.
  5. The company and its authorized service centre reserves the right to retain any part/s or Component/s replaced at its discretion in the event of a defect noticed in the product during the warranty period.
  6. Any part/s of product replaced by the company at its discretion shall be with functionally operative part.
  7. In case of any damage to the product / customer abuse/ repairs by un-authorized personnel/ misuse detected/ by the Authorized Service Center personnel, the warranty conditions are not applicable and repairs will be done subject to availability of parts and on a chargeable basis only.
  8. Replacement of parts would be purely at the discretion of HSIL alone. In case the replacement of the entire unit is being made, (subject to the sole discretion of HSIL), the same model shall be replaced and in the event such model has been discontinued, it shall be replaced with the model of price equivalent at the time of purchase.
  9. While the company will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest, it however is made expressly clear that the company is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
  10. This warranty shall not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in the Product. The company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or providing replacement of defective parts only under the warranty period.
  11. The warranty does not cover demonstration/installation of the product purchased.
  12. The warranty does not cover any accessories external to the product.
  13. All Axial fans are covered under comprehensive warranty of 24 months from date of purchase this includes all electronic circuitry ,switches and electrical components.
  14. The manufacturing warranty does not cover any transportation and handling costs and the risks resulted from improper switching off and/or mounting/dismantling the unit.
  15. In case of any dispute, this warranty is subject to jurisdiction of Bahadurgarh(Haryana) Courts only.

This warranty is not applicable in following cases:

  1. Proof of purchase ,Invoice in Original and/or Warranty Card is not shown to company authorized service personnel at the time of repair. In such cases service will still be rendered however it will be on chargeable basis as per the standard rates of labor and/or parts (as the case may be) ,prevailing at that point of time.
  2. Installation/repair work is carried out by person/agency other than the authorized company personnel or the product is not installed/used according to the instruction given in instruction/installation manual.
  3. Site conditions, where the product is installed, does not confirm to the recommended operating conditions of Product as specified in the instruction manual of the product (supplied along with the product)
  4. Defect caused by improper use, as determined by the company authorized service personnel.
  5. Defect is caused due to cause beyond control like lightning, acts of god, abnormal electrical supply or while in transit from dealer’s outlet to purchaser’s residence.
  6. Damage to the product or any part/s due to transportation or shifting is not covered by warranty.
  7. This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period of 24 months from date of purchase , even if the Product may not be in use for any time during the warranty period for any reason.
  8. The malfunctions caused by violence of operation, servicing and maintenance guidelines either by Customer or third parties or caused by unauthorized design modifications shall not be covered by warranty.
  9. The manufacturing warranty does not cover any transportation and handling costs and the risks resulted from improper switching off and/or mounting/dismantling the unit. The contractor in charge for mounting, electric and adjustment operations shall be responsible for warranty of these works. In any case the indemnity amount shall not exceed the actually paid value for the defective unit price

*These services are available for domestic range of products only.