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Vents Z Star Series  
Vents Z Star Series


Vents Z STAR SERIES: VENTS comes with a “design range” of extractor fans with VENTS Z STAR SERIES being one of them. A VENTS Z SERIES fan has polished sheet front panel with various ornamental modifications. A 2 W LED lamp is integrated into the fan casing. The VENTS Z STAR Series carries modern design and aesthetic look. The casing and the impellor design makes the fan efficient leading to a lifelong service. Protection rating IP 24.



  • Reliable and low-watt electronic motor.
  • Designed for continuous operations and requires no maintenance.
  • Equipped with overheating protection.


Vents Z Star Series  

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  • The fan is mounted directly into the ventilation shaft.
  • Flexible duct application is recommended in case of remote location of the ventilation shaft. The air duct is connected to the fan exhaust flange through a clamp.
  • Fixed to wall by self-tapping screws.
  • Both parallel or separate switching of the fan and the built-in lamp.


  • Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
  • Ventilation shaft mounting or duct connection.
  • Low to medium air flow motion for short distances at low air resistance.
  • Compatible with 100, 125 and 150 mm air ducts.
Technical Data :
Models Voltage [V] at 50 Hz Power Consumption [W] Current [А] r.p.m. Maximum Air capacity [m3/h] Sound Pressure Level at 3m [dB(A)] Weight [kg]
VENTS 125 Z STAR 220-240 14 0,1 2400 164 34 0,75
VENTS 150 Z STAR 220-240 24 0,13 2400 258 37 0,94
We pay special attention to the goods during all manufacturing stages including monitoring the technological conditions. VENTS is the only exporter of ventilation equipment in Ukraine. Our goods gained consumers’ acceptance in more than 80 countries of the world including the countries of Europe, America, Asia and Australia that confirms the company reliability and excellent quality of the products. Since 2008 our company is the only Ukrainian manufacturer being the member of the USA Ventilation and Conditioning Association HARDI.

VENTS Company was founded in the 90th year of the XXth century. Dynamic development of the enterprise and ongoing study of consumer demand enabled rapid international leadership in the ventilation industry. We are one of the few companies to manufacture a wide range of products for development of ventilation systems of any complexity and make the Vents product easily available for the consumers worldwide.

VENTS is a business merger between the HSIL and VENTS Company that offers a wide range of domestic fans that combine outstanding performance and reliability with low power consumption and noise levels. Our Products include: axial fans, low noise fans, centrifugal fans, axial wall and ceiling mounted fans. These units are the perfect solution for ventilating bathrooms, kitchens, living quarters and other premises of upto 30m².

The production base of the company spans more than 60000m² area and includes 12 workshops that are equipped under the international standards. All our workshops function as a separate plant.

VENTS Company is committed to the belief that keeping in mind the prospective needs we will earn loyalty for our products. Our focus has always been to build long‐term partnerships with our customers that are based on mutual trust, faith, and service. VENTS Company has continuously worked to evolve through the development and application of the latest technology and strategies to design the best products. We ensure our dedication works wonders in providing innovative solutions to the needs of the prospects.

Modern equipment, active implementation of advanced technologies and highly automated production are the characteristic features of VENTS Company.

Worldwide recognition witnessed that VENTS is the leader of the world ventilation market.

All the products we manufacture meet the Quality Control System’s, international standard requirement of ISO 90001: 2000.