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An Overview of Trendy Wash Basins

Wash Basins are one of the sought-out product while purchasing for sanitaryware products. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or adding an additional wash basin to your living plus dining area, there are a lot of varieties and materials to choose from. Thanks to the advancement in the designing technology where literally we can implement anything in to artistic at the same time functional sanitary unit. In India, there are a number of designer wash basin which got inspired from the global market as well as traditionally rooted designing elements. Many websites offer wash basin online deals at competitive pricing. There are a few reputed brands in the country where it has given the sanitaryware industry a whole new dimension and recognition in the international market as well like Hindware company in which Hindware Wash Basins provide a vast number of options and guarantees excellent quality products which have a higher reputation for more than two decades. They also have many awards and international design awards and much more in their kitty. Thus, Hind ware washbasins are a popular brand in the country, and they come at affordable wash basin price.

In today's age and time, there are some aesthetic galore of wash basins that are available readily in the market. The customers can read the reviews in many online sites as well before running errands from shop to another shop in brick and mortar shopping models. Once they choose the right brand and the type of wash basin model like wash basin counter, the bathroom sinks according to their bathroom layout and decor, they can quickly assemble them with a trained plumber which requires less installation time and use it right away.

Let us see the different trendy models of these hand wash basins which can be used from premium bathroom suites, designer bathrooms, powder rooms, small bathrooms to luxury cloakrooms as well.

Over Counter Wash Basins

When talking about new fashionable wash basins, these standalone basins top the list of chic and trendy basin collections in the beautiful ceramic finish and bold patterns. With attached faucets that are matching with the base design gives a flawless trendy look that is sure an eye-catcher for anyone who sees your basin. These are portable bathroom sink which means it can be quickly moved to any of your bathroom or patio where you need a single water inlet to install them. They come in different sizes and also the colour and pattern can be customized according to your existing bathroom designer themes.

One of the range of over counter or table top basins from Hindware is Dove range which comes in a rectangular shape that gives a sharp flawless design with a dimension of 44x44 cm. This range of basin gives a ten-year warranty and the starting price of star white colour is 5290 rupees and for Ivory colour it is 7150 rupees.

However, they are priced high when compared to its counterparts due to the high-quality ceramic material and bold patterns which gives a beautiful design. For instance, a table-top wash basin with a ceramic and satin smooth finish basin,the wash basin price would be anywhere from 7000 to 9000 rupees which weigh around 8 to 12 kg which is a stunning addition to your home decor for sure. Buy these wash basin online or in store.

Counter-Top Wash Basins

Bring your wash basins to life by redefining its basic structure into a modern class architectural masterpiece with these counter-top wash basins. Ditch the standard rectangular or circle shaped monotonous counter-top designs with deep and bold patterns with the aid of powerful software designer tools like computer-aided design which has transformed the limitations in the bathroom fitting designs to a whole new level.

For instance, Hindware offers a Vienne range of wash basins, which is inspired by the river Vienne in France, with thin rimmed oval designed basin which comes in a center pre-punched tap hole with a sufficient dimension of 51x43 cm. The star white is priced at 2350 and Ivory colour is priced at 3650 based on Delhi prices.

Give a bold deeper one of a kind pattern like a perfect blend of the octagon in a rectangular base model or a deep oval shaped bold white or ivory basin with a self-designed engraved detailing on its corners which provides state-of-the-art wash basin designer range. These counter-top wash basins mostly come in ivory or white colour, and this wash basin price is 8000 rupees and above. Thus, these classy counter-top wash basin is worth every penny.

Pedestal Basins

Pedestal Basins is a standard form of basins which is popular in both commercial as well as common households. Hindware presents you a wide collection of Pedestal Wash Basins which is affordable and at the same time trendy collection to your bathroom or to your dining room. These hand wash basins come in many elegant forms where the pipe lines are beautifully concealed with a pedestal stand.

Various types of Pedestal Wash Basins are,

  • Constellation Pedestal basin, where it contains a three semi punched tap hole in a 56x43x82 cm dimension and it is priced at 1690 rupees for Star white and 2620 rupees for Ivory.
  • Mini Regal Pedestal basin, which is an inspiration from the rich heritage of classic era comes with a pre-punched tap hole and has a chrome plated cap for energy efficient.
  • Neptune model comes in 55x47x86 cm in dimension with a pre-punched tap hole at the centre and chrome plated cap with hard edges and bold geometric designs.
  • Neo Largo Pedestal basin, has a dimension of 63x54x85 cm. This wash basin price is 2980 for Star white and 4030 for Ivory colour.
  • Lotus pedestal basin comes with a beautiful floral designed at the rim of the basin with semi-punched tap hole at the centre. Priced at 1510 and 2350 rupees for star white and ivory colour respectively.

Other models include Cleo, opal, Dune and semi-pedestal ranges like Tango, Mario and Lara which gives elegant designs in an affordable rate. Buying these wash basin online offers a good deal as well.

Wall Hung Wash Basins

In today's world, architects and engineers are trying to make compact homes with trendy designing accessories. Many small and medium sized bathroom where space is a constraint already successfully implemented wall hung basins which are worth every penny.

Many designer wash basins models have perfectly blended with these Wall Hung model like Malibu model, which adds a glamorous addition in a U-shaped design, with 36x38 cm in dimension. These hand wash basins can be purchased at 2420 rupees or 3270 rupees depending upon the colour.

Other exotic wash basin design that are available exclusively in Hindware are Viva Over the Counter basin, Essence basin, Jade model, Fonte over the counter basin, Wave Over counter basin and Rubbic Over the Counter basin models to name a few. These are undoubtedly state-of-the-art bathroom sink collections.

Apart from these wash basin counter, copper, wooden model there are various wash basin models. Hindware wash basin offers different other ranges and also you can purchase these Wash Basins online through multiple websites and thus you can buy your preferred hand or bathroom sinks effortlessly.

Hindware Wash basin Price List in India

Wash Basin Product List Price
Cedar Pedestal Basin Rs. 9370
Elegance Over Counter Basin Rs. 1750
Aspiro Over Counter Basin Rs. 1890
MAGRO SQ Rs. 4500
NILE 59R Counter Top Basin Rs. 9500
Tall Pedestal Rs. 2320
Constellation Pedestal Rs. 2350
Half Stand Pedestal - Half Rs. 1670
Studio Pedestal - Half Rs. 2300
Lara Pedestal Rs. 5500
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