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A Detailed View of Water Closets

One of the most useful inventions that gave way for a civilized society to mankind is the introduction of a toilet or water closets which has a very long history. Modern industrial revolution centuries ago, made these water closets to undergo various transformation to where it is today. Across the world, there are multiple types of water closets used in which it maintains the sanitation and helps the people to follow a hygiene system.

Water Closets and Its Parts

  • Water closets set is mainly comprised of three components that are, a toilet or a water closet that is created to sit with a standard height from the flooring area to be 16 inches.
  • The second part is the toilet seat covers or commode seat cover, which comes in various toilet seat types and materials and also comes at various toilet seat price as well. However, toilet seat made in ceramic material is the most affordable and durable that is popularly used among the other commode seat material. Other toilet seats which are gaining popularity are wooden toilet seat, where the smooth wooden finish made up of teak wood or bamboo gives a comfortable seating position, and it matches well with the wooden cabin bathroom theme designs. There are also kid's toilet seat series which can be customized according to kid's favourite super heroes or Disney's fairies through advancement in photo printing images and implementing them into these PVC or ceramic materials. However, these special edition commode seat is slightly higher than the regular ceramic models.
  • There are also elevated commode seats which has a slightly few inches higher than the standard toilet seats size which are exclusively designed for senior citizens or people who underwent any knee surgery to ease their use of toilet. Similarly, for the kid's toilet seat model there is a separate detachable small seat which helps to perfectly fit for the little one's size and it ensures the kids won't slip while potty training at the initial stages of their toilet usage. They are usually fixed with a magnetic fittings that can be removed later when they are grown up to use the regular sized toilet seat cover or commode seat covers.
  • While this commode seat depends upon the material and the toilet seat type, purchasing from a reputed brand is the key here for a longer duration as these are usually a one-time purchase item thus a little research goes a long way. However, a standard white ceramic commode seat starts at 800 or 1000 rupees and so on.
  • The third part of the toilet or the water closets is the plastic tank where the water is stored for flushing out the solid and liquid waste. Usually, these bathroom commodes come with a single unit or can be purchased as two different toilet unit and separate tank system. If only one fitting is damaged, it is sufficient to change the toilet or the flush tank alone rather than the entire water closet set.

Water Closet Types

Based on the usage of these toilets, it comes as a sitting toilet known as western toilet or European toilet where the European closet price varies from other water closet types. The other water closet type is squatting toilet which is used in rural India and some parts of Asia and Africa as well. Also, in Muslim minority countries.

In general there are three water closet types namely flush toilet, high-tech toilet, and vacuum toilet.

  1. The flush toilet uses water to flush out the sewage through an S-trap or P-trap into the sewage tank or sewage treatment plan. However, a dual flush toilet is a good option for water consumption where it uses a separate amount of water for specific use. Indian water closet comes in both sitting and squatting in the bathroom toilet types. However, the European closet price can be bought in competitive pricing through water closet online deals.
  2. High-tech toilets include automatic flush, heated commode seat, auto lid operation, and water jets to name a few. These are used in Japan and other developed countries.
  3. Vacuum toilets are used in an airplane or in a passenger train, where the sewage waste is sucked through the air. These bathroom toilets use only very little when compared to its other bathroom commode types.

Hindware present you a wide range of Water closet in this section, namely Wall Mounted Water Closet, Slick P and S Standard Closet, Universal S and Constellation water closet types and so on.

Types of Water Closets for Your Bathroom Needs

1. Intelligent closet - Automatic- A range of Hi-tech Toilets that come with a remote control to cater to all your needs at just the press of a button.

  1. Auto Pre & Post Flush- The closet senses your arrival and exit and flushes automatically. Giving you flawless welcome every time you enter the bathroom.
  2. Slow Falling Seat Cover- Enjoy sheer erfection with hydraulically controlled, slow falling, seat cover that falls like a feather-gently and silently.
  3. Warm Air-Drying- Rise with poise, as the in-built dryer blows warm, hygiene air and leave no trace of moisture or discomfort.
  4. Courtesy Light- Even in the depth of night the closet works to assist you, it lights up in dark so that you never miss a step.
  5. Warm Seat- Sit in the lap pf luxury and adjust the seat covers temperature as per your need and mood.
  6. Auto Pre & Post Flush- Visiting the bathroom will always be a refreshing experience as the closet deodorizes automatically, after every use.
  7. 3D massage & Oscillating Cleanse- Experience the best of both the worlds with dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles.
  8. Touch Remote- infrared operated remote control. 18 button touch remote control
  9. Feet Touch Flush- Enjoy more comfort and ensure more hygiene with feet touch flush.

2. One piece closets - Combining sumptuous comfort with an ingenious versatility to fit into any space perfectly. These closets are easier to install as toilet and tank are already connected to each other. Being one piece, it requires less fitting. Also, they are easy to maintain. It doesn't have any joints and gap, hence; it prevents water leakage.

3. Wall mounted closets - Engineered to reduce clutter and create ample space for movement. Minimalistic in approach, they elegantly compliment the environment they are placed in. It has combination of functionality and comfort. Wall hung closet also comes with slow falling seat cover.

4. Extended - wall mounted closets - Modern-day innovative closets with mix of beat alluring design and matchless functionality to contribute great performance inside your bathroom. It has space saving designs and smart fitting slow falling covers. This type of closet is epitome of hygiene and cleanliness.

5. Coupled closets - Built with utter refinement to save space and become nothing but as sheer visual delight. Simply unique and exceptional. It has high durability and comes in different designs. They come with water saving mechanism. Coupled closets can be used in public toilets.

6. Water closets - Found to fit into setting of every dimension. Team up with your preferred cistern and let the bathroom unveil the love tales.

Hindware Water Closet Price List in India

Water Closet Product List Price
E-CLENZ Wall Mounted Rs. 34990
DOVE- One Piece EWC Rs. 13490
CURATOR- One Piece EWC Rs. 14915
Cora Vortex- Wall Mounted EWC Rs. 18160
Avante- Wall Mounted EWC Rs. 86950
Acacia Evolution- Wall Mounted EWC Rs. 30000
EWC "CLASSIK" (P-180) - S Rs. 7330
EWC WM "AUTOMATE" - SW Rs. 99990
WB Counter Top "NILE" 59R - SW Rs. 9500
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