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World of Hindware

Since its introduction in 1991, Hindware has been creating refreshing experiences all across the country, catering to your ever changing urban needs in style. Be it sanitaryware, wellness or kitchen products, we have always focused on creating futuristic, dynamic and awe inspiring designs for your spaces.

We bring to you designs that not only please your senses, but are space efficient and high performing. Employing the best practices and technology in industry today, we have been able to create desirable lifestyles for our urban consumers.

Hindware Italian Collection - When designs meet desire, the combination is dynamic. Step into ultimate luxury and experience ultimate sophistication with the opulent and timeless designs from our Italian collection. An assortment of smooth contours, clean lines and graceful curves created especially to glam up your bathing spaces. Our designs attempt to bring you closer to your instincts, your desires and your love for perfect forms. Explore and indulge in the fortunate temptations from our Italian collection

Hindware - When functionality meets beauty, you encounter an experience that leaves your truly rejuvenated. A beautiful integration of performance, space saving and awe inspiring designs is what our Hindware collection offers you. With a consistency in quality standards and exemplary innovation, our designs speak for themselves and are not just an object of utility but an important part of your bathing experience.